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Try Ed Sheeran's + Yourself

on August 09, 2012


Hi all,

Ever wonder what my album "+" would look like with your own face on it? The time for wonder is over.

Upload or take your picture using the "+ Yourself" app! Share it with your friends or make it your Facebook profile picture.

And as a reminder, I’m on tour – tickets are still on sale.


PS. "+" is available worldwide. Order it now.



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The Bowery Presents Ed Sheeran's "The A Team"

on June 27, 2012

As you may know, Ed Sheeran just visited New York to launch his album "+" (buy it on iTunes) in the States. While his devoted fans waited in the rain for doors to open at Brooklyn's Music Hall of Williamsburg, The Bowery Presents Live slipped into the venue to watch Ed deliver an exclusive performance of "The A Team". Watch the video below! For more videos like this, subscribe to The Bowery Presents Live.

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Ed Sheeran's "+" is Best Buy's "Deal of the Day"!

on June 25, 2012

Today only (6/25/12), Best Buy is offering Ed Sheeran’s record-setting debut “+”for only $3.99! Visit Best Buy’s site to take advantage of this offer, and visit Ed’s site for more information!

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Ed Sheeran's "+" #1 Album in the US!

on June 12, 2012

Congratulations to Ed Sheeran for releasing the #1 album in the US! Ed's debut album "+" has only been available in the US for a day, and it's already lighting up the charts!

"+" Includes Ed Sheeran's debut single "The A Team". For more great music from this talented singer-songwriter, visit his official site.

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LIVE U.S. uStream Countdown to Ed's Debut

on June 11, 2012

Be sure to tune in tonight to watch Ed Sheeran's uStream from The Bowery Ballroom at 11:15pm ET! His debut album "+" is out tomorrow! Get it here.