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Marina and the Diamonds Interview with PopBytes

on May 14, 2013

Popbytes had the chance to sit down with Marina and the Diamonds right before her much buzzed about show at Los Angeles' Shine Expo Hall.

Marina talks about topics including: the tour, wrapping up The Electra Heart era, "Just Desserts" with Charli XCX, her highly-anticipated 3rd album's direction, Dr. Luke, and more!

Check out the interview below!

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Kitten Interview + Live Gallery

on May 09, 2013

Chicago Now recently sat down with Kitten frontwomen Chloe Chaidez to talk about her energetic live show, Kitten's forthcoming album and more.

"My Dad introduced me to bands like Sigur Rós when I was really young," Chloe said. "We used to get a CMJ mixtape and we’d listen to it... And I used to hate it. I’d cover my ears and tell him to stop it when I was about seven. And then like two years later, I was nine and I got into it and now they’re one of my favorite bands... I think I grew up on Sigur Rós and Band of Horses and that kind of stuff my Dad has been listening to."

Click HERE to read the

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Ed Sheeran featured on!

on May 06, 2013

Ed Sheeran has so much love for his fellow gingers!

In a recent interview with Glamour, not only did Ed talk about his love for his tour mate Taylor Swift but he also admitted that Prince Harry is his favorite red head!

"He does it good because there isn't a single woman on the planet that doesn't want to marry a prince, and he just happens to be ginger. I personally don't think ginger men have a habit of being attractive. We have to make ourselves seem attractive by doing stuff. I learned guitar, and he became a prince," Ed said.

Read the full interview HERE.

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Fitz and the Tantrums Talk 'More Than Just A Dream," and More

on May 02, 2013

Fitz and the Tantrums sat down with to talk about "Out of My League," More Than Just A Dream, and more!

Q: What's the story behind "Out of My League"?

A: It takes me back to that moment in high school or college where you fall for that girl who's a little bit out of your league. She's out of your range. Maybe you finally get to make that moment happen. You were always too shy before, but now you get the chance to go out with the hot girl and you're still shocked the whole time you're the guy who gets to go out on a date with her. I'm just so happy with how that song turned out.

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Milo Greene Featured on Forever 21's Fashion On Repeat

on April 30, 2013

Milo Greene is featured on Forever 21's Fashion On Repeat blog! The band answers 10 questions including fashion, favorite festivals, current obessions, and more!

Click HERE or the link below to read their answers!